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About Fresh Coast Clothing


A socially responsible lifestyle brand. Fresh Coast Clothing™ was created to aid in the efforts of fighting the world's ocean pollution problems. The idea was inspired by another socially responsible brand who has been setting an amazing example of environmental stewardship for years by planting thousands of trees. We knew that if a clothing company could set out to save the forest and succeed, that there was hope for the ocean as well. We came up with the name Fresh Coast and set out to find a ocean clean-up organization to partner with. The intention is for Fresh Coast to be able to provide enough funding to significantly impact their abilities to grow and succeed. 

There is a study by the scientific journal PLOS One which states that there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic, weighing nearly 269,000 tons, littering the world’s oceans. These figures are unacceptable and the non-profit organizations we support are determined to turn these numbers around.

A portion of every clothing sale is donated to non-profit organizations, such as the Ocean Legacy Foundation, whose initiatives focus on removing plastic from the world's oceans. This foundation is also turning plastic into fuels and teaching and empowering Central American communities to reuse, re-purpose and recycle the plastic that's washing up on their shores every day.

The Ocean Legacy Foundation created the EPIC program: Education, Policy, Infrastructure & Cleanup. The goal of this program is to give plastic waste an economic value to help keep it out of our oceans by stimulating the plastic circular economy. This system provides the foundation for coordinating all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve areas threatened, or actually experiencing, plastic disasters. 

Stimulating the plastic circular economy is important to us, which is why Fresh Coast is currently working hard to have our next line of products produced with RPET; fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. So not only are we helping to remove plastics from the worlds oceans, we are also supporting it's re-use. 

What we choose to wear tells a story about who we are, and our story is just getting started. 


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